MotionHunter 1.6.2

MotionHunter detects any motion that takes place in front of your camera
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MotionHunter detects any motion that takes place in front of your camera.
By using it, you will be able to build an inexpensive yet efficient video surveillance system, to protect your place and belongings, using equipment that you own already. This program can control up to four cameras attached to your computer, and can trigger several actions when it detects some movement in the area that each camera covers.

Motion Hunter will play an alarm sound through the computer´s speakers. This alarm will possibly scare off the intruder. By default, the program will play a car alarm - like siren, but you can configure it to use any sound you like.

This program can warn you that some motion was detected by sending you an email, with a predefined text and a snapshot of your place when the event took place. This way you can check if your cat managed to enter the room where your computer is located, of if it is necessary to call the police. Luckily, you will get a picture of the intruder.

Motion Hunter can also record the video and audio of the place under surveillance when the system detects noise or motion. The recorded files will be stored in your hard disk.

The trial version of this program can be used for free, without limitations, for thirty days.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows to build a surveillance system without buying expensive hardware


  • The author says in his site "You can have stream video or audio live to view what is happening remotely". The program DOES NOT offer this feature
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